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Spirit Fusion Reminder!

Let us remember throughout our daily affairs that we are spiritual beings Earth-bound in physical vessels sojourning with an indwelling personalized adjuster. As we hurry to and fro through these succession of moments in time, let us also remind ourselves that we are truly divine Sovereign beings of LIGHT, designed and meant to live life fruitfully. So spring forth earnestly and continue unhesitatingly furthering the advancement of the revelation of our Paradise Father into the hearts of all.

Through wholehearted personal spiritual communion, continue to be unreservedly dedicated in executing the mandates and will of the One Infinite Creator. Continually abide in LOVE from on High and give your LIGHT to all passersby day and night. It's now time to blossom Paradise in front of our eyes.

    We must collectively harness our energies as Ascension is closely amongst us indeed. May this exquisite beauty sweep you off your feet as tranquility seeps and we usher in this new reality. This quantum leap is a momentous feat but well worth the responsibility. Will you take this cosmic dance with me so we can manifest our dreams!? Best wishes and eternally stay scintillating for ALL and EVERYTHING!   

LIGHT the way with your infinite LOVE!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you!


Happy New Year In 2011 (Prayer)

As we all continue on our pre-Paradise-ward journey in this new magical year that awaits us, may we also be blessed and thankful for what we do harness and possess! 

Throughout your daily affairs in this world where we hurry to and fro, let this year unfold with ease and pace and may we also give daily grace. Manifest your LOVE and LIGHT on High so you may also illumine others who fail to see with the spiritual eye of faith. Through personal spiritual reciprocal communion also known as prayer, let us children of LIGHT continually blossom in this new era of LIFE!

"91:8.8 Modern man is perplexed by the thought of talking things over with God in a purely personal way. Many have abandoned regular praying; they only pray when under unusual pressure—in emergencies. Man should be unafraid to talk to God, but only a spiritual child would undertake to persuade, or presume to change, God."

We are ALL truly magnificent supreme Sovereign Beings of LIGHT! Through pure-hearted devotion you will learn how to unlock your heart and mind and infuse more LOVE and LIGHT. Prayer will help surrender your Will on High so you may best execute the mandates of our Paradise Father who gives a spark of Spirit to sojourn in the evolutionary creatures of space and time. Do you see? There is nothing more important than waking up to Unity Consciousness; it is your entire experience. 

 "91:8.9 But real praying does attain reality. Even when the air currents are ascending, no bird can soar except by outstretched wings. Prayer elevates man because it is a technique of progressing by the utilization of the ascending spiritual currents of the universe."

"91:8.10 Genuine prayer adds to spiritual growth, modifies attitudes, and yields that satisfaction which comes from communion with divinity. It is a spontaneous outburst of God-consciousness."

"91:8.12 Words are irrelevant to prayer; they are merely the intellectual channel in which the river of spiritual supplication may chance to flow. The word value of a prayer is purely autosuggestive in private devotions and sociosuggestive in group devotions. God answers the soul's attitude, not the words."

"91:8.13 Prayer is not a technique of escape from conflict but rather a stimulus to growth in the very face of conflict. Pray only for values, not things; for growth, not for gratification."

LIGHT the way with your infinite LOVE!

~Joshua Jordan Freeman (Peace~Love/Light~Unity)

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