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Freedom and Illusion.

"What has meaning in these caverns of self that lie beyond limit? Rest and know the strength, the absolute power, the infinity of self. Feel the self that has no need of boundaries, that has no need of bone or flesh or the illusory energy fields of form, texture and color, all of the details so dear to the eye and the ear and the senses. This state is as close as we can come with words at this time to describing the Creator that exists without the need for expression. In this state of absolute freedom from form, there are no boundaries, there are no limits, there is no personality, there is no distraction, there is no imperfection, all is truly one and everything is infinitely possible." 

"The Creator has no perfect people to be His voice of love, His hands of love, and His thoughts of love. He has you. “Just as you are,” as the old hymn goes, just as you are you are perfect. In your uniqueness, in your dazzling complexity of distortions, you are perfect. And each of you is perfect uniquely. You are like snowflakes. No two energy bodies are alike. No two instruments have quite the same tone timbre. Therefore, being imperfect is not an issue. It is part of the self you experience yourself to be within the illusion you now enjoy."

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