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11/11/11 - 11:11 & 1:11 - Oneness

Hiya! I have been getting many inquiries relating to 11:11, 1:11 and numerology! These numbers profoundly resonate with my indwelling Spirit-personality and there is not one day or night that goes by without me catching these numbers in time. With 11/11/2011 happening today and 2012 coming fast pace, I believe it is absolutely necessary to discuss the importance surrounding these magical gateway numbers!

‎11:11 or 1:11 is a DNA awakening code embedded into your divine essence in Oneness! These numbers help give you a pivotal point to project your positive intentions throughout these succession of moments in which we call "Time." Your personal thoughts emanating from your quantum presence and how you manifest them positively towards Humanity, Earth and the Universe are truly imperative in these transformational times! Our thoughts are more stronger than most physical actions can display and literally help shape shift the spiritual reality we all abide in! Millions of people around the world use these aforementioned times to help uplift everyone's vibrational fields and energetic frequencies! We are ALL unified as ONE! Therefore, what we do to others we also do to our-selves!

Quantum Mechanics scientifically demonstrates that we live in a thought universe, a conceptual universe. A wave function is a vector in a linear space and this is the same thing thoughts are made out of! Your positive affirmations and spiritual mantras help expand the collective consciousness and your personal multi-dimensional awareness! Overall, time is merely an illusion. It's unimportant if the time zones line up with your own when seeing the numbers 11:11 or 1:11. What is of great importance is simply acknowledging this moment and how you use it positively for the betterment of humanity. Our thoughts bounce around at the speed of Light and humans contemplate an endless amount of ideas as well as information that in-streams from intelligent infinity. Through wholehearted dedication and sincere prayer, you can slowly train your brain with all the thoughts that arise inside the mind.

LIGHT the way with your infinite LOVE.

~Joshua Jordan Freeman (Peace~Love/Light~Unity)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for following my on twitter I love your info and all the photos you have. I have been drawing and writing for 7 months now on a book that cam to me by my visions. It is a very important book about our body's our minds our world our very souls. Once i'm done and get someone with pure intent to help me with my book it may change some things we understand about our history.

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