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LOVE and LIGHT Enhancement

O divine Light Being, drift with me for a moment please in eternity and see what I see when you shift your eyes and mentality. We must continually believe and spread peace through our endless journey. Shape shift this reality and manifest your dreams unhesitatingly. Unquestionably be unreservedly dedicated to these cosmic unfoldings. Commune with me spiritually and allow yourself to be inextricably intertwined through ALL and EVERYTHING!

I AM going to lay this out simple and clean so you may ALL see this underlying Unity. Free yourself from instability towards your upward, onward and inward swing. As you undoubtedly become capable of anything, see the infinite possibilities and learn to harness your energies quickly and efficiently. Penetrate this mystery and appreciate the creativity that naturally surrounds your very way of being.

Take this quantum leap of faith out of duality and believe we are ONE big family. Use your truth-discerning and spirit-perceiving abilities to set yourself free self-sufficiently. Give your LOVE back through forms of charity and transcend these times in need to a golden age of opportunity.  A Paradise of absolute beauty where we can all achieve and not have to feel false or make-believe. Help give lead and overtake this regimentation that dominates our society. Escalate change and help illuminate the way so we may all sing better days and have everlasting tranquility.

Initiate yourself in personality motivation and seek transcendental meditation. Begin anew again and allow this to all settle in and rest. Ascension is a friendly test to see if were ready at best. Take this quest and diligently see what it means to live harmoniously. Unleash patiently and enjoy these undertakings of expanding your cosmic awakening. For those who do not have your best interests in need. Take heed of these higher levels of spirituality and enlist Peace amongst your enemies. It is when you LOVE them unconditionally you've profoundly reached the depths of their seed. Best wishes and eternally stay scintillating!

LIGHT the way with your infinite LOVE!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you!


Spiritualityand Meditation said...

Good post. I am regular reader of blog related to yoga, spirituality and meditation etc. I enjoyed this post. Keep on posting.

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