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Universal Cosmic Waves of Change.

As the ripples of energies increase throughout the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, you will begin and feel frequencies in-streaming at and unprecedented level. Since you are an Inter-dimensional Sovereign Being of LIGHT, you may also experience much lucid dreaming during your sleeping states. Spirit Being's and the Spirit World are just as real in the physical world. As you traverse on High, there is much learning and development going on even though you are sleeping. Be rest assured that you are protected and guided by The Most High's even through the darkest nightmares in space and time. 

Continue to focus on emitting concentric rings of LIGHT when praying. It is when you truly look within that seems to get all the work done in the end. Albeit through progressive personal spiritual reciprocal communion you will feel these divine energies shift your mentality. Your LOVE will spring forth with warmhearted intentions and you will have instantaneous proof of the Creator who dwelleths within. 

Many will rise in freight during these transformational times. Lightworkers and Wayshowers across the globe must hone in and merge as ONE during this Evolutionary leap. Use patience and diligently spread peace daily. Keep pouring Love into society and I promise you will see the Universe swing in your favor day and night. Give your LIGHT to your enemies and heal them through the power of LOVE.

Open the hierarchical gateways to Intelligent Infinity to help manifest your dreams. Unleash your true potentiality O vibrant One of Beauty. Spiritual attainment is a necessity in connecting with your Higher-self and tuning your Personalized Adjuster that indwells within so you may better align yourself in physicality. Transcend the illusion you live as you hurry to and fro by expanding your cosmic consciousness and enhancing your spiritual perception. Let yourself truly stagger your own intellectual and intuitive mind O Beloved One of LIGHT. 

May I leave you with a wonderful quote on your Paradise-bound journey from our brothers and sisters in the cosmos:

"Responsible freedom of self-determination. Becoming truly self-confident and free. To unconditionally be responsible for oneself without being coerced to accept some higher authority."           ~Andromedans

LIGHT the way with your infinite LOVE.

~Joshua Jordan Freeman (Peace~Love/Light~Unity)


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