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Chiropractic Therapy

My personal health is the most essential part of my daily life as I hurry to and fro in this chaotic world. The everyday stresses we intake cause us to have ill-health in sometimes unexplainable ways. Humanity is dedicated to intransient desires which causes us to 
never take notice of the seemingly obvious.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on the preservation and restoration of health, and emphasizes to correct subluxation. The holistic approach allows you to look within and unfold natural healing possibilities. My personal progress within the last few weeks has inspired me to write about my remarkable changes!

Most of my pain that has been developing in the upper right hand quadrant of my back has subsided tremendously. I feel much more at ease throughout the day and have more all-around energy. Adjustments are a necessity to help fix subluxation and end excruciating pain. A lot of these problems have been developing for most of our lives, it just takes upwards of 10-15 years to start and notice symptoms. The central nervous system is imperative to everyday functionality. I will keep you all periodically updated and show how self-healing techniques like Chiropractic Therapy can help change your life. Thank YOU for your time! 

Please see the Montecito Chiropractic Center today for a free consultation and get your nervous system checked to make sure you are functioning and healing at 100% if you are in San Rafael, North Bay Area. (Marin County)

Dr. Elena Vince     Dr. Monica Egan
San Rafael Chiropractor/Montecito Chiropractic Center 415-454-3717
361 Third Street Suite D.
San Rafael, CA 94901

PLEASE Pray for JAPAN daily.

Best wishes and eternally stay scintillating!

LIGHT the way with your LOVE...

~Joshua Jordan Freeman (Peace~Love/Light~Unity)


cielle said...

Chiropractor is generally safe if it can be applied skillfully and appropriately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Melbourne Chiropractor

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