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Spirit Consciousness

Pray to your Spirit full-heartedly and personally spend time progressing towards an inward urgency to help humanity and bring forth the change you wish to see. The spiritual growth of the soul takes place wholly independently of the intellectual self-consciousness. Through the will of the Spirit, spend time being whoelheartedly spiritually motivated, unreservedly consecrated to the mandates and will of the Most High. Spring forth earnestly developing your cosmic abilities and praying for those in need. For It is in the praying that the work gets done spiritually.

  5:5.11  "God-consciousness, as it is experienced by an evolving mortal of the realms, must consist of three varying factors, three differential levels of reality realization. There is first the mind consciousness—the comprehension of the  idea of God. Then follows the  soul consciousness—the realization of the  ideal of God. Last, dawns the spirit consciousness—the realization of the  spirit reality of God. By the unification of these factors of the divine realization, no matter how incomplete, the mortal personality at all times overspreads all conscious levels with a realization of the  personality of God." ~The Urantia Book

YOU are a divine Sovereign Being of LIGHT expressing pure unconditonal LOVE while living Life abundantly. Continue to dance in freedom and truth day and night.

PLEASE Pray for JAPAN daily.

Best wishes and eternally stay scintillating! :-}

LIGHT the way with your LOVE...

~Joshua Jordan Freeman (Peace~Love/Light~Unity)


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